Commercial and residential roofing differ in its specifications and materials. But with these differences, both also have the same purpose and that is to protect the property from the weather or climate elements. There are many materials and style to choose form for residential roofing. These choices are basically dependent on the design aesthetics and the preferences of the homeowners. However, both commercial and residential roofing have to put into consideration the damage and risk of the construction and the potential repair costs involved in the future. Basically these differences between commercial and residential roof, and these lie in consideration of the materials and design.


Let us talk about what are common to commercial and residential roofs. Each type may have a roof made of asphalt or slate, tile, ceramic or wood shakes. Both could have the modern solar or built-up roofs. The differences of the two types could be in the angle or slope of the roof. Commercial roofs usually have flat roofs while residential roofs are more inclined or steep.


Another difference is that the size of the commercial roof is much bigger than residential, and so the scope of the project requires more skilled workers and time of the project. It is seldom to find roofers performing both types of roof. The commercial roofing repairs companies employ more skilled and experienced workers.


The design of the building plays a great part in the cost of the project. Commercial roofs are generally flat while residential roofs are usually steeper. The size of the building also is another difference. With the size, comes consideration on the installation factors. Flat roofs usually needs regular repairs and proper maintenance since this type is more susceptible to leaks. Plus commercial roofs have to be able to hold more weight, and this means more costs.


It is a fact that residential roofs are easy to install, and repair and maintenance are also not as tedious as the commercial ones. The roofers have smaller features to consider like chimneys or few vents. While commercial roofs, have several considerations of the features of the building like smoke stacks, air flow systems, and external pipes found only in commercial buildings.


Material in commercial roof is distinct and is still the same over the years in its procedure. The material is coated with hot tar substance and is generally water proof and strong. As technology improves, commercial roof has improved in its substance to increase protection in insulation and improve energy efficiency. There is also a procedure of spraying this new material or coatings and this can considerably save old materials and eliminate replacement of the roof.



Most homeowners know little about their roof and so they leave the repairs and maintenance to the home roofing contractors professionals. The shape of the roof is a challenge and concern in residential roofs. Because of the slope, damages are not easily detected and only when the damage is great that the problem is noticed.


Whether it's obvious or not, home roofing problems are always a lot of work and costly. So on this blog, we'll list the three most common problems homeowners get on their roofs - either caused or the result of premature failure and inferior service by a poorly chosen home roofing companies.


Improper Repairs


Using materials that are not appropriate for the application of specific roof types can cause permanent damage to the roof. Improper repair is one of the most common issues experts see, especially with metal roofs. Homeowners go up with plastic roof cement and caulking and improper roofing materials that are in no way appropriate for home roofing repairs. Here's the thing, you can make a minor problem worse just by trying to repair it without sufficient knowledge and experience.

And this problem isn't just exclusive to metal roofs. It occurs also on a modified or built-up roof. Typically a five-gallon container of plastic cement can solve heaps of roofing problems. But if you take that five-gallon container of plastic cement up on a single-ply membrane, it will not work and may actually damage the membrane itself. This means that different types of roofs require different types of repair procedures. So it's important for home roof repairs companies to be knowledgeable of and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper use. And as a homeowner, it's good, at the very least, to take note of repair products with a shelf life.


Lack Of Maintenance


You should be knowledgeable about how to maintain the health of your roof. And the most basic thing you can do is not neglect the roof - perform inspections regularly, if you can address small problems before they escalate can also minimize stress and cost of home roofing repairs.


Roof Moisture And Leaks


Doesn't matter what type of roof you have. If you've got leaks, you've got a major problem. Leaks are caused by many different reasons. One of which could be because of built-up roofs which were not properly fastened during their installation. Also, leaks may happen on torch-applied or hot bituminous modified bitumen roofs when an appropriate moisture barrier is not installed beneath a coping cap on parapet walls. This simply proves that improper and careless installation of roofs will allow moisture infiltration. Inadequate backwater laps and head laps can also cause for water to reach under the membrane of the roof field. Leaks and blisters on roofs happen as consequences of backwater laps, leading to roof failure.



May this short list serve as a reminder how important it is to choose the best, most experienced, home roofing company. Work with reputable roofing companies in houston to ensure you don't experience any of these problems in the long run.


Are you having problems with your roof? You can always DIY, but if you're not completely confident in your own ability, just hire a professional. Remember that roofing, unlike other home upgrades, is a matter of necessity. You need your roof in perfect condition, if only to make sure that everyone in the home is safe and comfortable, your structural integrity is intact, and your home resale value is on top.


However, as we know, not all roofing contractors are the same, so you do have to select carefully. Here are quick tips that can help you make the right choice:


?              Have at least three prospects so you can have room for comparison. Ask for

recommendations from people you know - friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors, etc. - or a trade organization of high repute.


?              Ask your prospects for advice on what materials are best to use.


?              Ask for quotes from each of your prospects but don't automatically accept the cheapest one. Choose a contractor based on the soundness of their advice and your confidence in them. 


?              Ask if they can give you a guarantee on new work or refurbishment. The government has guarantee schemes that support - but are separate from - the roofer's guarantee. Note that even the best contractors can go bankrupt, meaning their guarantees become useless, so ensure that you are actually covered.


?              Make sure the estimate you're given the estimate in black and white, except perhaps for small, emergency jobs.


?              Remember that estimates for refurbishment can change as soon as the main covering has been removed and the underlying structure has been exposed.


?              Do not let work begin until you and the houston roofing companies have agreed on payment terms. Also, be careful with upfront payments. It can be hard to get your cash back. In fact, you should only pay for the materials to get the project started, and the rest should be settled after the contractor has finished the job to your satisfaction.


?              In case something goes wrong, it can be hard to track down roofers that make cash or VAT-free offers. Don't think contractors will give you free advice, unless you are actually planning to hire them.


?              Finally, remember that you're responsible for any planning permission required on your property.



As we mentioned, hiring a professional commercial roofing companies is always the best option for any homeowner who wants to have an old roof repaired or a new one installed. Roofing is one of the biggest and most expensive projects you'll ever undertake as a homeowner. You don't want to mess it up and make it even more costly because of a back job that could have been avoided from the beginning.